OHLEx2016: Overhead Lines Conference and Exhibition

8th June 2016, Chester Racecourse

With over 60 exhibitors providing both Operational and Health and Safety perspectives, and an attendance in excess of 500, the recent EA Technology Overhead line exhibition and conference, held at the Chester Racecourse can only be classed as an outright success. This significant event clearly satisfied an industry need for a platform to voice and share ideas within the Overhead line community. A social event in the form of a BBQ, attended by over 300 people, was held the evening before which helped set the scene for the main event and was enjoyed by both exhibitors and attendees.

EA Technology Ltd, a specialist provider of technical solutions to the electricity sector, were proud to launch its first major Overhead Line Conference entitled OHLEx 2016 earlier this month.

This inaugural event was designed to provide a forum of debate and learning for potential new innovations within the Electricity Overhead Line industry and the impact it may have on the UK Electricity Network sector. With exhibitors and attendees coming from all sectors of the UK industry and a number of overseas participants, the combination of innovations and seminar sessions proved truly representative and thought provoking.


Although not primarily an events company, EA Technology’s OHLEx 2016 event has taken advantage of the company’s unique position of hosting a technical event from an independent and neutral stand point.

A series of 11 seminar sessions provided strong educational input on subjects ranging from Advances in Conductor Corrosion Monitoring, Alternatives to Timber Distribution Pole designs to Protective Clothing advances and Weather Simulation models.

EA Technology’s Anne McIntosh – Director of HV5-9s commented,“

We have seen a major interest in the area of Overhead Line advancements and are delighted at the industry’s response and engagement in our event” .. “We feel it is important to listen to the market and understand potential developments” … “And that’s exactly what this event achieved. The feedback from the delegates has been overwhelmingly positive and we already have significant interest in our 2017 event


Celebrity input came from the music impresario Pete Waterman who presented 3M with a prize for the most innovative stand. Additionally, nearly £1600 was raised for two charitable causes, namely Cancer Research UK and The Electricity Injuries charity. In addition the attendees were given the opportunity to try out their shooting skills, raising £250 for the ABF Soldiers Charity.